Why inbound marketing is effective for health and fitness.Inbound marketing is effective for a variety of industries, but especially for the health & fitness industry. Why, you ask? Inbound is particularly effective because of the long buying cycle associated with health and fitness services such as gym memberships, personal training commitments, nutrition and diet plans, and a variety of other wellness related programs.

Why does inbound marketing work best when the product or service being considered calls for a longer or dedicated buying process—one that involves the time and research of the purchaser? Because inbound is based on educating audiences who have a need related to your service, are actively researching it online, and can be nurtured into a paying customer over time after trust is built.

For this reason, health and fitness providers benefit from inbound marketing because audiences looking to make a fitness purchase are usually making a multi-faceted commitment to their purchase. Establishing trust equity with them makes it easier for them to feel confident in choosing your club, program, product, or service over others.

Buyers researching a health & fitness purchase consider the following:

  • Financial commitment
  • Time commitment
  • Emotional commitment

Each of these commitments come only after the buyer feels as though he or she can has confidence in the service provider.

Health & fitness buyers also look for:

  • Long-term support
  • Availability and convenience of resources
  • How much “bang for the buck” they’ll get out of their purchase

These are qualities that can be demonstrated over time through educational materials, provided by the service provider.

For all of these reasons, the health & fitness buyer is clearly in a state-of-mind that will respond well to the inbound marketing methodology.

So what reasons do you have as a health & fitness salesperson to implement inbound marketing? Find out in our free eBook: Inbound Marketing 101 for Health and Fitness Clubs.