Whether you are working from home, in the corner office, or in a traditional cubicle, your surroundings will have a direct impact on your creativity and productivity. From the advertising industry to the world of pharmaceuticals, designing the office space for maximum productivity and creativity can have real results on the bottom line.

You do not have to spend a fortune to create an efficient, productive, and creative workspace. Whether you own your own business and run your own team or are just a small cog in a large wheel, you can create a workspace that will inspire you and let you get more done every day.

Get a Feel for Creativity

The right textures can make a big difference and help you be more creative. Different textures can make any space more inviting and interesting to be in, encouraging workers to spend more time in the office and be more productive when they are there.

Experiment with a number of different textures and fabrics to create a more inviting office space. This is a great point to focus on when choosing furniture, carpets, window treatments, and wall decor.

The Power of White Space

You may be tempted to cover every square inch of your workspace with inspirational messages, colorful images, and other creative endeavors, but remember that white space is just as important to boosting creativity and productivity. Do not forget to incorporate it into your design.

White space will make even the smallest office or cubicle look lighter and airier. The white space will also give you room to breathe and collaborate with your peers.

Light Things Up

A dark and dingy workspace does little to inspire its occupants. If you find yourself squinting at the computer or craving sunlight, it is time to let some light into your office, workspace, or cubicle.

Ideally the space should include multiple sources of light. This approach will create a more inviting space for collaboration and creativity. A pole light in the corner can create a cozy space for collaboration. An attractive desk lamp will encourage you to linger and think about the task ahead. A sunny window is sure to be a favorite spot for expressing your creativity.

Show Off Your Green Thumb

If you have a green thumb, show it off by incorporating lots of plants into your office or workspace design. There is nothing like the scent of fresh flowers or the beauty of a green plant to perk up your mood and enhance your creativity.

Even if your thumb is more brown than green, you can still add plants to your workspace. Engaging a plant service or substituting silk plants and flowers for the real thing can provide the same benefits without the need for a green thumb.

Create a Separate Thinking Space

Being creative is hard, even if you are typically a creative thinker. No one is one 24 hours a day, and getting stuck for ideas can be frustrating.

Creating a separate thinking space can help you get those creative juices flowing and even improve your productivity. The thinking space does not have to be elaborate or expensive — something as simple as a comfy chair by a sunny window will do.

The layout of your workspace can make a big difference in your day. From the amount of work you get done to the quality of that output, you can boost your results and your enjoyment with a few simple design tips. The tips outlined above can help you create a workspace you can be proud of.

Images courtesy of Houzz.com