Inbound Marketing Tactics Working in Unison

Inbound marketing works to attract visitors, keep them engaged, and to position your organization as a trusted resource.

Did you know that more than 60% of a purchase decision is already made before a consumer even reaches out to a sales representative or service provider? It’s true. The online reviews, social chatter, and referrals your brand receives are now much more powerful in your buyers’ minds than the traditional sales pitch.

That’s where inbound marketing helps.

Providing buyers with valuable and relevant information targeted to each stage of the research and sales process will empower them to take action. Imbue uses a variety of components to create an effective inbound marketing plan specifically for your business and your goals.

The Inbound Methodology

Inbound marketing uses a specific approach to helping brands stay competitive in an ever-evolving marketing landscape. This is achieved through four simple steps: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

First, we attract a potential customer to your website through blogging, keyword targeting, and standout social media efforts. Then, we convert the visitor into a lead when they fill out their contact information in order to receive some of the helpful resources and valuable content offers you’ve provided on your website. From there, we aim to close the deal through things like automated workflows and strategic touch point emails that will further educate the potential customer and ultimately influence a purchase. And, voilà! You’re left with customers whom you can continue to delight with your products and services, and who then promote your brand to new prospects.

Inbound Marketing Agency Process


And, as a HubSpot certified inbound partner, we’re specificallyHubSpot Logo qualified to provide you with expert inbound marketing services, backed by one of the biggest names in the business.


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