Imbue Creative, 71 North Main Street, Lambertville, New Jersey

On January 9, 2017, Imbue moved into freshly renovated offices in historic Holcombe Hall in the heart of Lambertville, New Jersey. The landmark structure, erected about 1860 as a merchandise mart and theatre, had been neglected for years. Still, it was just what the agency was looking for: stylish, spacious, unique, and suffused with an artistic vibe.

“We love that both the building and the community have a history in the arts,” says Michael. “That was huge for us. And we are proud to have played a role in preserving a beautiful building for the future.”

Holcombe Hall was designed in the Italian Revival style and named for a family that was prominent in 19th century Lambertville society. Its long history includes service as a venue for minstrel shows, classical music performances, graduations, and innumerable civic assemblies. Plenty evidence of that vibrant history remains, but today the Imbue team is at home, and at work, creating a brand-new legacy at 71 North Main Street.