Children’s game logo design and packaging design.

Harvest Time Partners, Inc. is a personal and professional development company helping individuals, families, and organizations reach their full potential. They provide developmental support in a variety of ways, including leadership programs, a weekly blog, a series of children’s books, and conversation card games.

Imbue worked closely with the Harvest Time Partners to develop and deliver design, content, and marketing solutions that boost brand and product awareness. Specifically, Imbue helped give a name to and design a logo for the conversation game series Face to Face®.

In addition, Imbue designed the logo and illustrated the main characters for Harvest Time Partners’ children’s book series, “The Principles of Our World.” Our team also laid out the books and illustrated all of the scenes throughout the books.

Additional sales support material design, product packaging design, social media graphics and consulting, website support, and more helped Harvest Time Partners target and reach its target demographics for each service and product they provide.

Marketing agency provides illustrations for series of children’s books.