Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. Their mission is to foster self-reliant families and healthy sustainable communities.

For this project, our creative team was asked to create an attractive letter pack for the Isles year-end appeal to donors. The letter was designed so recipients could choose the easiest way for them to donate. For those who like sending a check, the letter had a perforated buckslip that could be torn off and popped into the included BRE. For those who prefer giving digitally, we designed a custom QR code that donors could scan and be taken right to the online donation page.

The mail pack also included a matching trifold brochure with highlights of all the great work Isles had done in the past year. This piece was an important reminder of; just how much food was produced and delivered, the fact that masks were made and distributed, the number of individuals who were trained and educated, and what revitalization efforts had been completed.

Imbue was happy to find out that this mailing did better than expected in this unpredictable year of the pandemic. Isles saw a big uptick in lapsed donors (that haven’t given in a few years) coming back as current donors. This was notable because they had also attempted to revive some of these donors in last year’s mailing.

Colorful Trifold Brochure

Sample of printed letter pack