Princeton Global Asset Management is a group of Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), which means they are not tied to any particular firm, funds or products. They have always prided themselves on their ability to provide personal attention and the power of perspective to their clients, emphasizing the importance of perspective when investing in today’s turbulent world financial markets.

When Princeton Global came to Imbue Creative, they were able to express their brand and its values very clearly to us. However, their existing branding and collateral didn’t do a great job of expressing it to their audience. That’s where we came in.

Princeton Global realized that their existing overview brochure was overly detailed and complex—written in a way that didn’t connect with their audience. They wanted to simplify it, focusing less on their products and more on the relationships they built. At the same time, they wanted to educate their audience on how Princeton Global was different than traditional brokers who work for big firms.

Imbue Creative used their Power of Perspective theme to tell the Princeton Global story, while touching upon their values of personal connection, trust, experience, family and education.

Inspired by their story, their logo and the environment of their Princeton office, Imbue went to work creating this new brochure. The first step was to create a new, transparent version of their “P” logo that represented the transparency of Princeton Global’s approach, as well as their perspective and focus. This would set the stage for the rest of the piece. It’s placement over the single green tree on the cover demonstrated this focus.

The tree was chosen to represent family, roots, growth and stability and to help tell the inter-generational story of both Princeton Global and its clients. The natural look and feel of the cover was carried throughout the rest of the brochure, using blocks of green and Princeton Global’s orange to help create shorter, more digestible sections of copy, in a language that was much more conversational and user-friendly than the previous brochure.

Imbue Creative was able to make Princeton Global’s brand come to life in a beautifully designed brochure whose design would soon become the inspiration for their new website and used as a springboard for all of their branding. Now, Princeton Global’s position in the marketplace can match their brand values and unique offering.