Somerset Hills Memorial Park and Mausoleum is a not-for-profit organization that provides people of all faiths and cultures a place of comfort, peace and reflection. Somerset Hills is home to a beautifully landscaped, 75-acre memorial park, elegant mausoleum, chapel, Veterans Memorial, urn gardens, and modern crematory.

Imbue was brought in to re-write and redesign their website to better convey the beauty of the grounds, demystify the process of finding a final resting place, and to illustrate the variety of options available. The scope of work included information architecture, copywriting, search engine optimization, design, and development.

The goal of the copy was to familiarize people with memorial park services in a warm and friendly manner. To this end, we included definitions of some of the terminology, and illuminated the overall welcoming atmosphere of the facilities.

In addition, our creative team designed and produced a printed brochure to go along with the new look of the website. This elegant marketing piece was printed using a soft touch paper coating and is geared toward funeral directors and individuals who are looking for a place for themselves or a loved one.

A few companion ads were created as well in order to raise awareness of this beautiful property and the fact that Somerset Hills welcomes people of all religions, customs, and belief systems.