Van Cleef is an awardwinning engineering company with 9 offices located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The thriving business has provided services in all areas of civil engineering for over 50 years. The firm consist of Engineers, Landscape Architects, Certified Inspectors, Planners and Land Surveyors. Imbue was tasked to become the caretakers to Van Cleef’s brand. The team was asked to create a logo refresh to build a contemporary design for the brand. A brand style guide was
completed, highlighting accent colors, design elements and color guidelines. After many discussions, revisions, and innovation Imbue and Van Cleef finalized a logo using similar color palettes to their former design. The icon was revamped to have a fresh and modern feel yet remain true to the beloved logo Van Cleef was formally recognized as. A new logo needs a new everything essentially leading to a change on the website, business cards, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, presentations, a tradeshow booth and more.

Imbue designed and had a banner created of an animated bird’s eye view of a housing complex built by Van Cleef’s engineers.