imbue-search-engine-optimizationAs the digital age further evolves, an effective online presence is essential for promoting your organization and maintaining a competitive edge. Your website is the showcase for your brand and is a principal channel to use to grow your business, attract prospects, and nurture customer relationships. Imbue can help your organization make its website work its best through our search engine optimization (SEO) service.

SEO works to improve a website’s organic ranking in search engine results. At Imbue, we use several techniques to make sure your website gets a high ranking and is optimized to its fullest. We carefully review the keywords and search terms that individuals use in their web browser when searching for identical or similar products and services that are offered by your organization. We find out the keywords that work for your competitors. We then determine the keywords that are best suited to your company. Once the keywords are implemented as part of website copy development or retrofitting copy for an existing website, these keywords will increase the number of targeted visitors to your site and bring more business your way.

There are other things we do in conjunction with the keyword analysis to give your brand an impressive online existence: We look at the search engines, like Google, Yahoo!®, and Bing®, to make sure your website is indexed. We look for opportunities to build internal and external links, integrate your social media presence, and to leverage other strategies that help to position your website as powerhouse—one that the search engines will deem important enough to list prominently in their search results. While your website builds credibility with the search engines, we can supplement a different search engine marketing strategy (SEM), such as a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, to bring you online results more quickly.

Finally, we can be a partner that provides you with regular follow up: we have the tools to track and monitor your web pages and present you with updated recommendations that are driven by your ranking results and the algorithms changes implemented by the search engine themselves. Imbue knows how important your website has become, and we have the tools and experience to make your website a topnotch performer that makes your business stand out.

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