How to set up automated email workflows.Just like your website, automated emails are fantastic salespeople that work for you around the clock. When optimized and used properly, they are essential in nurturing your leads, advancing them closer to customer status.

These 4 automated workflows are examples of basic email follow ups that any business can institute and benefit from.

Contact Us Form Submission

If a lead makes it to your contact page and submits that form, you know they are already further along the Buyer’s Journey than most of your other website visitors. That’s because most leads have performed 60% of their pre-purchase research before they ever even reach out to a sales person. So if they are contacting you, they probably mean business.

While an in-line response on your webpage is the typical auto-response businesses use, an automated email follow-up can serve as that extra touchpoint that encourages your lead’s potential purchase. Send your lead an email that thanks them for contacting you, provides them with a timeframe in which you’ll respond, and offers them some resources to use while they wait for your response (such as a list of your services, a content download, or a video tutorial).

Content Download

Just like a form submission, a content download is an important indicator for your sales team because it indicates your lead’s interest in your services. Depending on your content offer, it may even indicate where they are in the Buyer’s Journey, giving you additional insight into how qualified your lead may be.

After a lead downloads their content offer, they should receive an email from you thanking them for downloading the information, providing them with a link to the download should they want to refer to it later on, and giving them social media sharing links to spread the news with their contacts.

Email Click Through

If you don’t already have a regular e-newsletter going out to your contacts, start one today. Why? 68 percent of marketers feel that email is a central part to their business and “digital marketers attribute 23 percent of sales to email in 2014, up from 18 percent in 2013” ( Yes, email marketing is still more than relevant.

You can get one step ahead of the competition by adding another layer to your email newsletter lead nurturing by segmenting your lists and marketing specifically to certain target audiences. One way to do so is to run reports on who is clicking on key links in your email—for example, links to pricing information, specific services, or content offers. Create a new list for those individuals, and send a follow-up email to that list offering more information on that particular subject. The more pertinent the information is to your recipients, the more your open and click-through rates will rise.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

For e-commerce businesses, this automated email is a no-brainer. Your lead has visited your site, picked out their product, dropped it in the cart, and left. While you may not know why, you can certainly re-engage them with a follow-up email reminding them what they left behind. Send an email personalized with their name, the item’s name and image, and an easy one-click option for getting back into the purchasing process.

Try waiting 2-3 days before triggering the email reminder, but don’t let a full week go by. If they are a first-time customer, consider offering them a coupon code or small discount for completing the purchase.