Getting ready to set up your first social media advertising campaign? Or, not sure which platform is right for your ads yet? A good how-to article can answer your questions, inform you of options you may not have been aware of, and give you a brief tour and insight into creating the best ads possible.

Remember, not all social platforms are created equal, and where you advertise is just as important as how you do it. Consider where your buyers are and how they want to hear from you before diving in.

4 How To's for Social Advertising

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor offers more advanced, precise, and targeted features and tools for businesses and agencies advertising on Facebook. That said, it’s a bit overwhelming at first. This how-to breaks it down simply so you can get down to business:

How to Use Facebook Power Editor: A Complete Guide (Social Media Examiner)

Pinterest Promoted Pins

If you’re waiting in line (yes, there is a waitlist for promoted pins) to advertise on Pinterest, read this straightforward how-to. It’s a great introductory piece and also a nice resource to reference if you have a quick question or two:

Create and Edit Promoted Pins (Pinterest)

Instagram Ad Branding

This isn’t a how-to, but it is just as helpful. Sometimes setting up the ad isn’t the hard part, it’s coming up with the right idea for it. Instagram offers inspiration here:

Find Inspiration (Instagram)

Twitter Ad Campaigns

Twitter campaigns are not difficult to set up but there are a good amount of options to consider, test, and implement. This “quick and dirty” guide lays it all out for you:

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Setting Up Twitter Ads Campaigns (HubSpot)