Demographic choices Facebook advertising offers.Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to reach precisely defined audiences within a reasonable budget and get measurable results. But the options within Facebook advertising are endless due to the amazing amount of information provided to marketers.

With 1.083 billion daily active users, Facebook offers a wide audience to whom you can advertise. To do so effectively, you’ve got to select the best demographics for your brand.

Facebook advertising allows you to be incredibly granular when it comes to making those selections. Here is a glimpse inside the Audience section of the Ads Manager dashboard:

  1. Location
    • Target by radius from a city, or choose cities individually. Also, exclude locations you are not interested in or are targeting in other ad sets (a group of ads that share the same budget, schedule, bidding information, and targeting data).
    • Select from everyone who are within a location, living in the location, traveling in the location, or were recently in the location.
  2. Age/Gender/Language
    • Select any age range
    • Choose only men or women, or target your ads to both
    • If the audience you’d like to reach uses a language uncommon to the location you are advertising in, select the language you’d like to reach.
  3. Detailed Targeting
    • Demographics: includes education level, job titles…
      Specific examples:
      Life Events > Newly Engaged > 3 months.
      Financial > Liquid assets > $1MM–$2MM.
    • Interests: includes food and drink, shopping…
      Specific examples:
      Technology > Computers > Free software.
      Fitness and Wellness > Yoga.
    • Behaviors: includes B2B, Charitable Donations, Purchase Behavior…
      Specific examples:
      Mobile Device User > Network Connection > 3G Connection.
      Travel > Cruises.
  1. Connections
    • Target people who like your page or friends of people who like your page. Or, exclude people who like your page if you’re looking to reach a new pool of people. If you have an app, you can select from the same options.
    • Are you looking to promote your Facebook event or target people who are coming to your event? You can select this audience as a connection.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. The point is that, just like any other marketing channel, your options are endless. If you know your audience, you just have to identify them with finely tuned targeting. Facebook will automatically help find even more people who are likely in the pool of people you’re trying to reach with their algorithms based on the optimization of your campaign. Facebook wants your ads to perform well, and they provide many tools to help you make that happen.