Imbue LogoThink it’s pumpkin spice latte season? Think again — it’s update season!

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen a number of software, branding, and product updates taking place in the marketing and tech spheres. Snapchat released an update including the capability for replays (for a small fee) and buzzworthy lenses. Apple announced the iPhone 6S and iOS 9 updates, which already have problems.

Internally, Imbue has been working on noteworthy branding and digital updates for our clients.

Imbue is working with a northeast based charter school on a branding overhaul due to the recent expansion of their programming and the need for more professional aesthetics and quality messaging. While many exciting projects are still in progress, Imbue has since produced:

  • Brand new and original logo design. Includes multiple iterations for the school’s subdivisions.
  • Fresh stationary design for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Includes new logo(s).
  • Comprehensive branding and style guide: covers appropriate usage for all logos, file types, and overall branding protocol.
  • E-newsletter template design (for Mailchimp).
  • Large format promotional banner design for an upcoming event.

Imbue launched a new website and social media management campaign for a company that develops blood tests for cancer detection in September. Imbue’s work includes:

Check back to see how the work progresses for these clients. Also, contact us if your business is in need of an update — visual, digital, or technical!