Responsive Web DesignIt’s no longer enough to have a great website. Your business needs to have a great website and a site optimized for mobile usage. After all, the number of web surfers using tablets and smartphones is on the rise. The Monetate Q4 2013 Ecommerce Quarterly, published in February 2014, shows website traffic broken down by device in 2013:

  • 73.2% traditional
  • 14.5% tablet
  • 12.2% smartphone

Tablets and smartphones are up a combined 8.4% in just one year; and that number continues to trend upwards. And let’s not forget new technology—smartwatches and glasses are now on the scene and are here to stay.

So do you really need to build (and pay for) multiple websites customized for multiple devices? Responsive Web Design (RWD) tackles that argument by providing one sleek solution to this multi-device, multi-platform, multi-browser problem.

What is RWD?

RWD is a design approach that allows the user’s experience to be consistent and user-friendly no matter the size of their screen. How? The site is developed with technology that automatically responds to the set of circumstances under which it is being used—in other words, the site is built using responsive architecture. (

With RWD, images, resolution, text—you name it—can be programmed to respond in any way dependent upon its means of display. Here are some examples of sites using responsive design.

Is RWD right for my site?

Responsive design is a great option for many website owners in need of a sound mobile option. It’s even recommended by the Internet’s top search engine, Google. We find that it is particularly useful for businesses that only have time to manage one, really great site (think SEO, blogging, etc.).

Of course, mobile sites and apps are better fits for some businesses, but we find that RWD tends to be more manageable for the majority of business owners.

Test it Out

Experience responsive design! Grab your other device, whether it be a tablet or smartphone, and visit one of these sites created by our team at Imbue.

Interested in making your current website responsive or new website design? Contact us.