Not impressed with LinkedIn's latest update.If you are anything like me after receiving the latest email from LinkedIn (subject line: “Say hello to the new LinkedIn Company Pages”) you clicked right over to the platform to see for yourself the updates you’ve been waiting for.

And then all you saw was pretty packaging—but no decent updates. At least, I don’t see any changes that are resolving past issues and frustrations (I’m looking at you, inability-to-interact-with-others-as-your-Company-Page).

There is one exception, because we are getting this: the ability to edit posts once they’ve been published. Finally! But is this too little too late? The ability to edit a post or comment is a standard must-have for any social platform at this point in the game (Facebook made the update in 2013), for both personal and business accounts.

Okay, enough of the deconstructive criticism. Here are 5 constructive changes I would like to see on LinkedIn to help me better serve our social media clients:

  1. A mobile site that works well. (Because we need… 1a. A better app.) 
  2. Ability to schedule posts on LinkedIn, not just through a third party.
  3. Ability to interact with other users and companies acting as your Company Page.
  4. Analytics dashboard that is more streamlined.
  5. Analytics reports that are easy to export.

To the last point, LinkedIn says that their new analytics dashboard (yet to be released) will be expanded and make it easier to measure the impact of your content, plus optimize performance. If this promise is met, this “update” may be redeemed.

The reason I’m so critical of LinkedIn’s supposed company page update is that I think it is an incredibly valuable platform for many of our clients. Like any social media platform, the ROI you get out of LinkedIn depends on the time invested in using it. However, there are some simple updates that could be done that would at least support the user in leveraging the network a bit better.

Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me what your take on the new update is in the comments below.