Website Design Trends 2014Have you ever come across a website and just said, “Wow!” A good balance between design and functionality create a great website—but new technology is allowing for fantastic website design.

In the ever-changing landscape of website design, here are four of the latest trends we’ve spotted in 2014:


In a 2014 mobile behavior report, 76% of respondents performed an Internet search on their smartphone at least once daily. In fact, nearly a quarter of all website traffic is from mobile, a dramatic increase from years past. We expect that number to continue rising as smartphones and tablets become increasingly accessible, efficient, and affordable.

That said, a responsive, mobile-friendly website is more than just an important trend—it is a way of the future. If your site doesn’t maintain design or function across multiple devices, you are at risk of losing the attention (and business) of many online users. On the other hand, a seamless transition is very achievable and very attractive.

Long Scrolling (Parallax) Sites

In a sea of 1 billion websites (8.61 million as of January 2014, to be exact) it’s no secret that getting found is extremely difficult (enter: the importance of SEO). So, once you are found, you better be memorable.

One way to achieve that is to have an outstanding design that provides the visitor with a unique experience. A long, single-page website with parallax scrolling is a phenomenal way to do just that because it combines beautiful design with recent technological advancements, a winning combination.

Notable user: Sony

Pinterest Board Style

With over 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest is definitely influencing the way we search and share online. Its success speaks to the value and desirability of visual communications in today’s world. Think about it, there is little more frightening than a webpage filled top to bottom with pure copy. But one filled of imagery—that is almost always enticing.

This style is great for visitors who want to peruse, perhaps even those who don’t know for what they’re looking. It “flattens the information hierarchy,” allowing the user to be in control of what they find rather than guided towards a particular page or topic.

Notable user: Mashable

Not everyone agrees with the functionality of this trend.

Minimalism/Easy User Interaction

For those who are not just perusing, uncluttered websites with simple and immediate methods of interaction is extremely important. A minimalist style, like a long scrolling site style, addresses one general theme as elegantly as possible. A visitor makes their decision quickly if there is only one decision to make, or one product to buy.

The simplicity of a site should not compromise the user’s overall experience though. Video, fonts, graphics, and other design elements should be carefully chosen and used wisely.

Notable user: