• Are you still tapping the spacebar twice at the end of every sentence? It’s time to break the habit!

  • When it comes to making a quick and memorable connection on a marketing or advertising piece, less is more. Make your text strong, clear, and memorable.

  • If you’re a color freak (like all of us at Imbue), you want your brand’s color to be reproduced consistently from print run to print run. 4 color process printing has become very affordable in recent years, but colors will shift a bit each time you print. When matching a specific color is critical, designers Read more…

  • Jpegs are great. Our digital cameras often use them to capture moments, web sites use them to help make photographs look their best at small file sizes, and most word processing and office-type programs handle them with ease. When it comes to using them in professional print design, however, their ugly side leaps out and Read more…

  • Don’t stretch that logo! Did you know that in almost all computer programs, you can keep an image in the proper proportion when increasing or decreasing an its size? Simply hold the “Shift” key, and then change the image’s size by clicking on, and then dragging, a corner point.



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