LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Free Downloads.LinkedIn is improving their marketing solutions resources by expanding their library of sales and marketing tools. Here are five ebooks provided by LinkedIn that are free for download:

How to Drive Thought Leadership Goals Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

What you’ll learn: why social media fuels though leadership, the types of content that work best as Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn, the best practices for messaging, visuals and targeting for your Sponsored Updates campaigns, and more.

The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report

What you’ll learn: the 4 key attributes of the content revolutionaries that marketers need to know, how to tailor your content to connect with these content revolutionaries, and more.

Cold Calling is Dead, Thanks to LinkedIn

What you’ll learn: how to take advantage of LinkedIn groups to form connections with and gain insight into new prospects, increase your appointment setting rate, and more.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

What you’ll learn: new ways to reach professional audiences, nurture prospects and acquire customers across a network of business and professional publishers.

Shining a Spotlight on Success: How Six Companies Are Winning with Sponsored Updates

What you’ll learn: what top marketing leaders think of LinkedIn and the impact Sponsored Updates is having on their marketing results.