Google AdWords is seemingly always updating its features, platform, and dashboard. Most of these changes, we find, are for the better in that they give the user tons of options for customization and individualization of ads and targeting. If you’re so lucky as to not become paralyzed by this endless array of options, we suggest incorporating Google ad extensions into your campaign.

Extensions expand your search ad by listing additional information beyond the allotted set of characters for your text ad and link. This gives you more real estate on the page, creating a more eye-catching ad and greater opportunity to say something that resonates with your audience.

Google categorizes its extensions according to your advertising goal. Here is an overview of today’s available extensions:

Business Location

  • Location Extensions will show the distance to location, street address, call button, or button that leads to your website’s location page (e.g. Contact Us page)
  • Affiliate Location Extensions give details about multiple locations in retail chains
  • Callout Extensions highlight your business’s differentiators and selling points to move searchers to action both online and offline


  • Call Extensions add a phone number or call button to your ads
  • Message Extensions add a message icon to your ad to allow a user to text you with a pre-populated message that you create

Website Conversion

  • Sitelink Extensions show a list of links to specific pages on your website
  • Callout Extensions (see above)
  • Structured Snippet Extensions display a list of information within a certain category (defined by Google), such as Services, Amenities, Shows, or Models

  • Price Extensions display up to 8 cards with products/services and prices and link people directly to your website.
  • Review Extensions show quotes, rankings, or awards from notable, third-party published sources.

App Download

  • App Extensions content displayed on mobile or tablet devices that encourage downloads of your app

AdWords uses its algorithm to select which extension to display alongside your ad in response to a Google search. For example, Google may show a location extension in response to the search term “piano lessons near me”; or a price extension in response to “rental car cost”. So, it’s recommended that you use as many extensions as possible to increase the possibility of showing the best extension for any given search. 

For more information, watch this 3-minute video from Google: