The first thing I did this morning was change my password for my Apple ID.

We remind clients all the time about the importance of changing passwords often and about using strong passwords. My passwords are unique and strong for most of my online accounts, but I realized this morning that the password for my Apple ID was a little weak.

Nowadays, your Apple ID is connected to so many more things than just the iTunes store (iCloud, Apple’s Online Store, App Store, iMessage, Find My Mac/iPhone/iPad, etc.). A breach like what happened to a journalist a few days ago would be devastating.

We use many cloud-based services here at Imbue. But we also have on- and off-site backup redundancy so we’re not relying solely on the cloud. In addition, we try to keep our own “firewalls” between our online accounts as much as we can so a breach of one account won’t allow hackers to gain access to other accounts.

This article from PC Magazine has some good thoughts for staying safer in the cloud and online.