Generating relevant and interesting blog content consistently is a tough task. Creating a blog content calendar can be extremely helpful in staying organized and on a schedule. Coming up with the ideas for content is another challenge entirely.

If your creative well runs dry, we suggest keeping a list of writing prompts to get your juices flowing.

  1. What does your customer search for on Google? Write a list of those questions and answer them.
  2. What is trending in your industry that you have a unique perspective on?
  3. What are your goals for next year and how do they relate to your customer?
  4. What are the top priority problems your customers come to you with and how do you solve them?
  5. What are the most frequently misunderstood things about your business or services?
  6. Who are the thought leaders in your industry and what topics are they concerned with?
  7. Think about your best customer stories like case studies. How and why were they successful in working with you?
  8. What specific problems do your company’s services or products solve? If your company has multiple departments, consider how the people in each department make your services or products better than alternatives.
  9. What misconceptions do you encounter with your customers or clients?
  10. What is a simple tip or trick you use regularly that you could pass on to your customers or clients?

Other Useful Tips

  • Walk-throughs, complete with images that complement each step, are particularly popular and helpful to users who want quick and visual solutions.
  • Talk to your staff! Find out what’s on their plate and what has kept them busy lately.
  • Consider how your article headlines will translate on social media.
  • Choose compelling images (that are good quality!) to complement your copy.
  • Be specific with your topic choices. It’s always easier to answer a refined question than a general one.
  • Start a physical folder of reports, articles, notes, and ideas to reference on a rainy day.